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Episode 6: How to Manage Being a Working Mom (or Dad!)

May 3, 2019

It ain’t easy managing your own business AND a family. But we know it’s doable if you’ve got the right strategies – and help – in place. We understand every family and working mom and dad will have different sets of needs and desires. If you’re listening, chances are you have questions about how we…

Episode 5: What to Do When Your Business is Slow

April 26, 2019

It happens to the best of us: your interior design business can be sloooow. Both Kate and Lesley have had slow seasons, and have learned how to deal. We’ve got 10 things you can do, starting right now, when your business is slow. #5 takes serious guts, but is so worth it! Episode 5 Show…

Episode 4: Overcoming Jealousy and Fear of Competition

April 19, 2019

Guys, we have a super special episode today where things get a touch emotional. Today we’re talking about jealousy and the fear of competition. We’ve all experienced it and today we share our own experiences with those emotions – even toward each other – as we build our businesses in the same not-so-big-town. But…we’ll also…

Episode 3: Design & Business Tools – What we Use

April 12, 2019

Running an interior design business means you have to make smart decisions about what tools you use.  There are many tools out there (free and paid) that will make you look professional. We believe you need to be investing in the right tools for the job. Episode 3 Show Notes Here is a list of…

Episode 2: Do You Need a Degree to be an Interior Designer?

April 5, 2019

Hmmm, it’s a big question – do you need a degree to be an interior designer? In this week’s show, Kate and Lesley dive deep into the realities of running an interior design business with – or without – a design degree. It’s a topic with no right or wrong answer, but we hope our…

Episode 1: How We Knew We Were Ready to Work for Ourselves

March 29, 2019

Hey early bird! We’re so psyched to let you know that the first episode of the podcast is now LIVE! Episode 1 Show Notes In this episode you’ll hear about: How the Designers Getting Coffee podcast was born out of a struggle to find community The exact moment Lesley knew she was ready to leave…