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Episode 50: Q&A Ask Us Anything LIVE

August 28, 2020

We. Love. You. Thank you SO MUCH for being part of coffee and conversation with us! This is the last episode, but all of the episodes will still be available for you to go back and listen to. Resources Shared Wingnut Social Enneagram Institute Integrative 9 Hey Designer! Grab Your FREE Mini Business Toolkit to…

Episode 49: What’s Next for Designers Getting Coffee

August 21, 2020

Today’s episode is major. We’ve got news to share about this podcast, Kate’s Designer’s Oasis, and Lesley’s business coaching. Also, we want you to join us for a LIVE Q+A session next week on Instagram! We’ll be live @designersgettingcoffee on Thursday August 27 at 2pmET. See you there! Key Takeaways:  [8:48] We have both decided…

Episode 48: Getting Ahead Financially with Sherry Wilson

August 14, 2020

Feeling behind financially? You’re not alone. Without help, it’s easy to get behind on invoicing, payments, and taxes (eek). Lesley’s bookkeeper Sherry Wilson from Business By the Book joins us today with solid advice (and loving encouragement) to help you get a handle on your business finances. Episode 48 Show Notes Key Takeaways: [4:30] Sherry…

Episode 47: Are Your Design Services Energizing – or Draining You?

August 7, 2020

Let’s be real – some design projects leave you energized and wanting more, and some leave you feeling exhausted, resentful, and straight-up cranky. Today we’re breaking down the 6 most common interior design services out there, and weighing the pros and cons of each. Spoiler alert: you’re the boss, and you can say no the…

Episode 46: Body Language Expert Nancy Ganzekaufer

July 31, 2020

Having trouble closing sales with potential clients? It may be because you’re gazing towards their nose more than their foreheads. (Whaaa?) Today we’re psyched to bring you business coach and certified body language expert Nancy Ganzekaufer, whose tips on using body language – and reading body-language – will open your eyes to the hidden meanings…

Episode 45: Helpful Money Habits for Your Business

July 24, 2020

Managing your business finances doesn’t have to take a lot of time or be a grueling process. We have a few habits in our business that helps make money management practically painless. If you set up a few good systems in your business today, you’ll have a clearer picture of where your money is coming…

Episode 44 – Transform Your Relationship with Money

July 17, 2020

Today’s Interview with Jenny Karlsson from Financials for Creatives will leave you inspired to re-think your relationship with money. Before you can begin really diving into the tools and techniques of managing money, you need to understand your relationship with it. Episode 44 Show Notes Key Takeaways: [8:04] What makes Jenny’s work unique is her…

Episode 43: 5 Tips to Handle Uncomfortable Money Conversations

July 10, 2020

Money conversations are a natural part of running any business. But for creatives (who are often people pleasers) it can lead to feelings of anxiety and overwhelm? How do we know? We’ve been there friend. But over the years, we’ve developed habits and mindset shifts that allow us to talk about money with confidence and…

Episode 42: Habits, Routines, & Boundaries to Keep Your Sanity

July 3, 2020

Healthy habits and daily routines are a huge part of how Lesley has “more hours in the day than anyone else” (as Kate puts it). Today we’re sharing in detail all about the daily, weekly, and family routines and schedules we’ve implemented, and also the boundaries we have in place to keep us sane. Grab…