Episode 7: How Do You Charge for Your Design Services?

Episode 7 of the Designers Getting Coffee Podcast: How Do You Charge for Your Design Services?

We wish there were an easy answer, but there’s no “right” way to charge for your design services. Hourly? Flat fee? Value based?

Lesley and Kate dive into some #realtalk about how to present your fees to clients, how to handle price objections, and how to charge a client you know is going to be difficult.

Episode 7 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

  • Be familiar with the different phases of design
  • But keep in mind that the process of design is unpredictable. There are so many variables that can affect the time taken for each different project
  • There is no hard-and-fast formula for charging for design services. It’s all about refining and finding what works best for you
  • Having a good tracking system or program boosts efficiency
  • Tracking your time lets you see how much time you spend in each task and makes sure that you are estimating accurately and in a way that is profitable 
  • The more you track your time, the more you’ll be able to estimate accurately in the future
  • If you’re the type of designer who gets distracted easily, set an alarm! If you haven’t found it in the first 20 minutes, go back to your first options or move to another task
  • Underestimating your time is detrimental for both you and the client – be upfront
  • Billing at 3 times the rate you pay your staff is generally a fair industry standard for design services
  • It’s all about efficiency! Have your templates, backend documents, go-to vendors locked down
  • Know your value!

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