Episode 6: How to Manage Being a Working Mom (or Dad!)

Designers Getting Coffee Episode 6: How to Manage Being a Working Mom (or Dad!)

It ain’t easy managing your own business AND a family. But we know it’s doable if you’ve got the right strategies – and help – in place. We understand every family and working mom and dad will have different sets of needs and desires. If you’re listening, chances are you have questions about how we might handle this whole mom and work dance. While we may not have all the answers (we definitely don’t), we hope this episode gives you some fresh ideas and a little encouragement too.

Episode 6 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s normal (and healthy!) to want a break physically and mentally
  • Overcome the stigma of getting help. It’s all about having a great support system to help you succeed personally and professionally
  • Be intentional with your time. It’s always about quality, not quantity!
  • Consider hiring help. It doesn’t only help in terms of work capacity, but it can also help your company financially
  • Task-switching can be counterproductive – time blocking helps with this 
  • Find your rhythm and see when you’re most productive
  • Set clear expectations with your clients from the get-go to maintain your work-life balance and avoid miscommunications 
  • There is nothing wrong with being a working parent!

Resources Shared:


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