Episode 5: What to Do When Your Business is Slow

It happens to the best of us: your interior design business can be sloooow. Both Kate and Lesley have had slow seasons, and have learned how to deal. We’ve got 10 things you can do, starting right now, when your business is slow.

#5 takes serious guts, but is so worth it!

Episode 5 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

  1. Send a handwritten note to a past client (or pick up the phone and call them) just to check in
  2. Review your list of contacts & vendors, and reach out
  3. Revise – or create – your email Welcome Series
  4. Create a new lead magnet/opt-in
  5. Email or call past clients asking for a referral
  6. Attend an in-person networking event
  7. Host a giveaway
  8. Offer a VIP incentive (not a sale; a “value-add” to your services) – leave a comment on Instagram and let us know what you do!
  9. Sponsor or host an event
  10. Engage on social media – like, leave meaningful comments, and share

“Products go on sale, not people” – Kate Bendewald

Resources shared:


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