Episode 4: Overcoming Jealousy and Fear of Competition

Guys, we have a super special episode today where things get a touch emotional. Today we’re talking about jealousy and the fear of competition. We’ve all experienced it and today we share our own experiences with those emotions – even toward each other – as we build our businesses in the same not-so-big-town.

But…we’ll also share techniques for shifting your mindset as well as practical tips for getting out of the jealousy rut. Grab a cup of coffee and take a listen.

Episode 4 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

  • There’s enough out there for everyone
  • Resist the competition mindset!
  • Get inspired! What can you learn from successful designers? Mimic others, but don’t copy. Give things your own unique flavor.
  • When you’re feeling jealous/afraid, zoom out; know that you’re only seeing one side of things
  • Everything takes work and time, and successful designers have put in grit and hard work for years.
  • Stay in your lane, get inspired, and keep moving forward.
  • “When you stand apart, there is no competition” – Lesley Myrick
  • If you’re competing on your design aesthetic alone, you’re sunk. What sets you apart?

6 Things You Can So to Pick Yourself Up Out of a Funk:

  1. Remember that there’s room for everyone. Make that your mantra!
  2. Take time to explore and be curious – what is this person doing that I’m so entranced with? Find a way to mimic, but not copy.
  3. What you see online isn’t the whole picture.
  4. There will always be designers ahead of you, and behind you too.
  5. Discover what makes you special; include it in your copy. You’ll stand out as a brand that people know, like, and trust.
  6. Instead of thinking about how far you still have to go, write down how far you’ve come.

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