Episode 23: Why Automating Is Awesome to Grow Your Business

You might be a little freaked out about the idea of automating your business, but stay with us. From client on-boarding to questionnaires to emails to selling design packages, automation allows you to be a profitable design boss with much less time and energy.

Episode 23 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

  • Automation helps you grow your business by making you more profitable 
  • Automation doesn’t mean losing that personal touch. It actually frees you up so you can have more direct, one-on-one engagements with your clients 
  • Clients would actually prefer if processes were easy and streamlined because it saves time for everyone – this is where automation comes in!
  • Automation helps present you and your business as more professional and well put together
  • A good place to start is with automating your scheduling for consultations. For this we recommend Acuity
  • Too much back and forth trying to set up a phone call can lead you to losing clients. You want to capture people when they’re excited!
  • What is the one, or maybe two things that you absolutely need to be doing in your business? That is your “Queen Bee Role” (QBR). Every other task should be delegated or automated
  • When you’re just starting, hiring can be a big step but automating certain tasks is a great alternative
  • It is scary and mistakes will happen but you will figure it out as you go!
  • Zapier is a great integration software that connects apps and makes them “talk” to each other
  • For signing contracts virtually, you should be sending them through a third party that is able to collect legally binding signature. We recommend HelloSign
  • Asana is not technically for automation but it is a useful program that helps with organizing recurring tasks 
  • ActiveCampaign is great for all your email needs. It adds people automatically, tags them with specific information
  • MailChimp is a good alternative if you want something that’s easier to navigate
  • A “welcome series” is a series of introduction emails that are sent to those who first sign up for your mailing list. These emails talk about you, your company, and your services. Typically there is an offer or incentive at the end. This is all automated!
  • One of the things Dubsado is best for is client onboarding. In one email, clients can view and accept the proposal, pay the retainer, sign the contract, and schedule their first meeting 
  • If you want to grow and scale, these are the kinds of automated process you have to have in place so you can spend time on business development and design work
  • As independent business owners, getting to that point of letting go can be hard but it really is the best decision you can make in the long run
  • Dubsado also provides a snapshot view of all of your projects alongside their status so you can see your progress with each client’s project. This is also helpful for leads! 
  • Though these services might be pricey, it truly is worth investing in to build up your success and flexibility in the future
  • Automation does not give clients less of you, it gives them more of the best you
  • The tool that’s going to work best for you depends on a variety of factors – how you work, where you are in your business, how many clients you have, etc.
  • Strike the balance between trying new programs and sticking to the perfect one for you
  • We’re not here to tell you “here is the right way to to do this.” Different automations work for different people!

Resources Shared:

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