Episode 16: Is Your Website Turning Away Potential Clients?

Designers Getting Coffee podcast Episode 16: Is Your Website Turning Away Potential Clients?

Is your website a turn-off? Do you have poor quality photography, off-brand colors, or missed opportunities to capture leads?

Kate and Lesley have some tips on how to make your website a sexy, client-attracting tool to help your business grow and thrive.

Episode 16 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s easy to get caught up in your own mind when making your website. Get a fresh set of eyes who will offer you a different perspective 
  • A common mistake to avoid is making your website all about you. It should be about your clients and what you can do for them
  • Use words and pain points you repeatedly hear from your clients in your website
  • “Head-nodding copy” – your first few opening statements should make people nod their heads and want you’re offering  
  • Your copy should either attract or repel people and filter your ideal clients 
  • Your homepage should have a very clear call to action 
  • But, too many calls to action can be distracting and overwhelming
  • Your contact information, location, and areas you service should be crystal clear – it builds trust and shows accessibility
  • Consider getting a service like Google Voice number for your business phone number 
  • You don’t want to have a high barrier to entry for getting people on the phone with you – you run the risk of over-filtering future clients 
  • Your homepage should be full width, simple, and easy to navigate 
  • Choose the best quality and most professional photos to put in your website – quality over quantity! 
  • Write about each project you feature in your portfolio. It gives clients a sense of your personality and how you solve problems
  • Having a blog is a great opportunity to go more in-depth about your projects and showcase your expertise
  • With blogging, consistency is key
  • But if you have problems with consistency, create timeless content and don’t set up the expectation of a regular schedule
  • Be creative with your 404 Error page – provide quick links and a search feature
  • Make sure you have a strong message after clients book a call with you. Let them know that they’ll definitely hear back from you within a set period of time
  • Do a website audit once a year to check what has to be updated or removed

Resources Shared:

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