Episode 14: How to Stand Out as an Interior Designer

Designers Getting Coffee Podcast Episode 14

Yes, of course you do interior design – but what makes you stand out from the crowd? Why should a client hire you instead of the next guy? Here’s how to figure out your unique selling proposition and create an “elevator pitch” to quickly share what you do, and how you do it differently.

Episode 14 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

  • Branding is so much more than the visuals, it is the complete picture of how the public perceives you
  • Beyond your website, design elements, and printed material, personal branding includes your personal style, your energy, your language and tone
  • Your branding should attract exactly the kind of people who would want to work with you and who resonate deeply with your style
  • What sets you apart shouldn’t just be about a particular style – it should be about solving a problem
    • Lesley’s “bust out of boring” provides a solution to those who want fun, quirky, offbeat interiors but are unsure of how to make it look right or are stuck in a 
    • Kate’s “livable luxury” provides a solution to those who want beautiful, luxurious and timeless interiors without the fussiness and high-maintenance care  
  • Finding what sets you apart from other designers is all about finding your unique selling proposition (USP)
  • How do you find your USP?
    • Identify your clients’ pain points – getting to the core of how your clients feel 
      • Seek out emotional responses, listen to their language, look at the questions they ask and what they complain about
      • This is where you come in to solve their problems beyond a design standpoint but in an emotional level as well
    • Establish your features and the benefits your clients get from it
      • You’re not selling the feature but the benefits aka the solution to their pain point
      • “I help you ___ so that you can ___”  
  • Once you find your USP, it’s all about communicating it efficiently. Here’s a quick and easy formula to help you craft the perfect “elevator pitch” (from Your Business in Words by Nancy Ganzekaufer)
    • Sentence 1: Your job title + three personality traits that describe you in the working environment
    • Sentence 2: Who is your ideal client and what is the problem you solve (your USP)?
    • Sentence 3: How do you solve this problem? What do you do?
  • Practicing this and saying it confidently opens up the conversation to allow people to understand and ask you questions about what you do
  • Your pitch and your website is not all about you, it’s actually about your client. Clients should see themselves in the solutions that you offer and connect with what you do
  • Before you nail down your brand, the first thing you need to do is to identify your ideal client
  • Creating your ideal candidate profile means getting into the specifics (gender, age, socioeconomic standing, education, career, what brands they shop, etc.)
  • Your USP doesn’t have to be about a particular look but about how you deliver your services to your clients
  • All in all, your USP is really the cornerstone of your personal branding. It informs everything else – your website, social media, your welcome kit, the way you interact with people, and how you communicate with clients

Resources Shared:

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