Episode 12: How Do You Start a Business In a New City or State?

Designers Getting Coffee - How To Start a Business in a New City

Have you ever found yourself needing to relocate or would like to move but feel stuck or overwhelmed about how that would work,? If so, tune in. Kate has already made the move across the country and Lesley is in preparation for a cross-country move now. In this episode they provide actionable tips to help you relocate your business without feeling like you are totally starting over.

Episode 12 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose 2 or 3 marketing tactics and focus in – find what your strengths are and don’t spread yourself too thin
  • Balance your online and in-person presence 
  • People buy from who they know, like, and trust 
  • Two things we’ll be focusing on: online presence and in-person marketing and opportunities

Online Marketing

  • Google 
    • For Google Ads, create relevant search terms that reflect the type of clients you are looking for 
    • Create separate ads for other cities surrounding your local area
    • A good ad has a clear call to action and your contact information
    • Actively ask for Google reviews and build up your Google business page
  • Facebook
    • Optimize your personal Facebook page by adding your job description and links to your business page 
    • Update your location on your business page 
    • Facebook ads are more targeted and less expensive than Google ads – it’s a good starting place to test things out and see what sticks
    • People buy from who they know, like, and trust – keep it personable!
    • Facebook publicly displays how quickly you respond to messages. Make sure you get notifications or check your page daily and responding to increase the chances of clients messaging you
    • Find a way to acknowledge and respond to every single message that comes your way. Facebook sees that as you being attentive and responsive and it will reflect in your page
    • Joining and being active in Facebook groups can be extremely helpful depending on your area 
    • You have to create and post valuable content to get people engaged with you and every so often you can pitch and sell your product – this applies to all social media platforms
  • Instagram
    • Geotag all of your pictures as you post them
    • Use location specific hashtags. Learn what these are in the cities and neighborhoods you’ll be working in

In-person marketing

  • General strategies
    • Look into local or regional magazines to see if you can pitch for a press feature or even write a column
    • Press features do build credibility but they are not straightforward paths to successfully booking a lot clients
    • Joining a BNI (Business Network International) group helps you connect with people from different fields 
    • Other groups to look into: Chamber of Commerce, Home Builders Association, 1 Million Cups, and charitable organizations
    • Find the people who are your clients and the people who know your clients 
    • Networking is a learned skill, but it gets easier throughout time
    • Ultimately, you don’t get word of mouth clients if you don’t leave your office 
  • Hiring a coach
    • Whether it’s one-on-one or a group mastermind, working with a coach has tremendous value in times of transition
    • Hiring someone who has gone before you who can show you the way is a great investment
  • Hosting a workshop
    • Host any type of event that you feel is in your wheelhouse 
    • Think about what kind of activities would attract the type of clients you’re looking for 
    • Attend these types of events as well!

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