Episode 10: Q&A Session #1: Ask Us Anything

Q&A time! Every 10 episodes we are answering YOUR emails and DMs. Send us your questions about interior design, business, how to handle difficult work situations, and more! If you’ve got a burning Q, email us at hello@designersgettingcoffee.com or send a DM on Instagram @designersgettingcoffee.

Episode 10 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

  • How do you determine your hourly rate? Is it based on the local economy, how much money you need to make or what you feel your worth? 
    • A good way to determine your hourly rate is based on your experience, education, or formal training
    • Take a look at your cost of living and figure out a target number and calculate how many billable hours per week you would need to reach that goal
    • You have to be at an hourly rate where you are not afraid to charge for every minute that you work for a client
  • How do you have hard conversations with clients around boundaries without sounding stunned, angry, or condescending? 
    • Aikido communication – Absorbing by repeating what it is you heard your client say to make sure you understood it correctly and to give you a chance to mentally and emotionally pause to figure out the best way to respond with grace 
    • Key phrases: “I understand” “Thank you for sharing that with me”
    • Communicate your boundaries with your clients in writing through your contracts or in your welcoming kit
  • I just sent my first furniture proposal to a client and they completely shopped me.  They searched all products online even though I was giving them below retail on all products. They had a “better coupon” they found and now are saying that they will purchase my proposed items elsewhere. How do you show clients items without them Google searching and then not even using you for the purchasing?
    • Set up the expectation with your clients very early on on who’ll be doing the purchasing 
    • Sell your clients on the value of having you taking care of the procurement process and all of its issues 
    • You cannot rely on product sales alone because they are unpredictable 
    • It’s helpful to source from trade only vendors instead of retailers 

Resources Shared:

  • Check out Episode 9 for more insight on pricing and ordering


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