Episode 1: How We Knew We Were Ready to Work for Ourselves

Hey early bird! We’re so psyched to let you know that the first episode of the podcast is now LIVE!

Episode 1 Show Notes

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • How the Designers Getting Coffee podcast was born out of a struggle to find community
  • The exact moment Lesley knew she was ready to leave her corporate job to start Lesley Myrick Art + Design
  • How Kate’s experience in high-end residential design and hospitality design prepared her to start Kate Bendewald Interior Design
  • Factors to consider when deciding to start your own business: your “why”, your motivation, and your finances
  • The importance of hiring a business coach and finding a mentor
  • How to gain experience and build a portfolio even if you don’t have any clients
  • Should you charge for your very first design project?
  • First steps for getting started in business



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