Episode 24: Communicating Your Value with Confidence

Designers Getting Coffee podcast Episode 24: Communicating Your Value with Confidence

As designers, we save our clients time, money, and mistakes. But how do we effectively communicate that in a way that hits home and helps the client truly understand – and invest in – our value? Episode 24 Show Notes Key Takeaways: There are two types of people: ones who will hire and value designers…


Episode 22: How to Find Your Dream Clients on Social Media

Don’t let your social media make you feel overwhelmed. It is important to have a strategy but it doesn’t have to be complicated. In today’s episode we are having real-talk on how to streamline your social experience and also make sure you’re talking to the right people…you ideal client. Listen now. Episode 22 Show Notes…


Episode 18: Selling Without The Sleaze

Selling – ick. Sounds so sleazy, doesn’t it? How can you share what you do as an interior designer in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re shoving it down someone’s throat – or strong-arming them into paying you? If you’re going to run your own design firm, selling your services is an essential skill…


Episode 17: What Design Services Should You Offer?

Deciding what services to offer may seem like a simple question. But designers today are faced with an evolution of the market there is pressure to provide allllllll the services. From eDesign, Color consults, Full-service with our without purchasing, to Designer for a Day, and…you get the picture. Today’s episode covers some of the common…


Episode 16: Is Your Website Turning Away Potential Clients?

Designers Getting Coffee podcast Episode 16: Is Your Website Turning Away Potential Clients?

Is your website a turn-off? Do you have poor quality photography, off-brand colors, or missed opportunities to capture leads? Kate and Lesley have some tips on how to make your website a sexy, client-attracting tool to help your business grow and thrive. Episode 16 Show Notes Key Takeaways: It’s easy to get caught up in…