Episode 49: What’s Next for Designers Getting Coffee

Today’s episode is major. We’ve got news to share about this podcast, Kate’s Designer’s Oasis, and Lesley’s business coaching.

Also, we want you to join us for a LIVE Q+A session next week on Instagram! We’ll be live @designersgettingcoffee on Thursday August 27 at 2pmET. See you there!

Key Takeaways: 

  • [8:48] We have both decided to wrap up Designers Getting Coffee
  • [9:08] This decision was extremely hard because we don’t want to say no. We love our listeners and we love having these conversations, but we felt like we needed to let go of doing this podcast 
  • [9:31] A big part of it just has to do with life right now with Covid and quarantine, working from home, having children at home, moving to different time zones
  • [10:43] Our desire to serve the interior design community has not changed and it will still continue
  • [11:20] With everything going on, Lesley has been mulling it over for a while and brought it up to Kate without knowing that Kate was also planning to have the same conversation with Lesley
  • [12:03] We both want to serve the community and we’re doing it in our own different ways but we also do this for fun. We did this to create a community for you guys that we didn’t have when we first met each other
  • [12:51] One of the big reasons for retiring the podcast is that we both have children at home. With very limited child care, it doesn’t leave a lot of time to do the work that will support us and our families
  • [13:41] Things run their natural course. When you actually say no, the relief that comes out of that is huge and the implications are not as nearly devastating as you make them up in your head to be
  • [14:21] We’re so afraid to say ”no” sometimes because we’re afraid, but the truth is you are responsible for yourself and your family
  • [14:43] At the end of the day if it’s a decision you need to make for yourself, you’re not responsible for how somebody else responds. There’s a good chance that the response or the outcome will actually feel amazing
  • [15:04] The anxiety and the feelings you feel before you take action are the worse it’s going to get
  • [16:37] For Lesley, her heart was telling her it’s over but the logical part of herself was saying that the podcast was a good thing, something she should be doing and part of her marketing strategy 
  • [16:53] It’s so important to tune in to your nudges, your feelings especially when they don’t make sense. The more you shut it down, the more resentment you build
  • [18:05] We’re so happy we’ve been able to connect with so many of you. You sent us questions, you asked us for advice, you commented on social media, you’ve listened! We’re so grateful for the experience we’ve had and the knowledge we’ve been able to share
  • [18:49] When Kate started her business, there were no interior designer podcasts and many resources to turn to. We were left to figure out things on our own and see what works 
  • [19:17] But it shouldn’t be that way. Operating from an abundance mindset, we feel like there’s room for everybody. There’s no reason why we can’t share the things that worked for us with a larger audience
  • [19:53] For Kate, home is a sacred place – it’s the core of why she does this work. Growing up being homeless various times, she wanted to create beautiful spaces where people are safe, where they can feel energized and relaxed 
  • [20:37] But the industry itself, doing the work and running the business, is so much harder than the actual design work and that is why we want to continue supporting other designers
  • [20:55] If we can get to where we are today then you can too! And it doesn’t have to take that long or as hard. There are resources out there and we want to continue to be that for you
  • [21:46] We don’t think you need permission to do whatever it is you want to do, but if you feel like you do, then here it is – you have permission to say “no” more and whatever dream you have for your interior design business, you have permission to go for it!
  • [23:14] We are going to continue helping interior designers, but just in a different format
  • [23:35] We aren’t leaving you hanging! We are doing our final episode next Thursday, August 27th (2:00PM EST)
  • [24:02] We will be on the Designers Getting Coffee Instagram recording our final Q&A episode live! We want to hear from you and it will be a great way to celebrate what we’ve created and the community we built
  • [24:28] If you can’t make the session, it will be recorded and it will go up on Friday, August 28th as usual as the last episode
  • [25:35] With schools not opening for probably the whole year and her husband having a full-time teaching position, Lesley had to reexamine priorities as becoming primary childcare 
  • [25:51] Lesley is really excited to continue her work with coaching at the Badass Biz Bundle. She will be diving deeper into her 1-on-1 sessions helping designers who are getting started
  • [26:38] Of course, Lesley will continue with her design business. Knowing how limited time will be, she will be running it in the margins for the next 12 months
  • [27:12] And she’s okay with that! It’s a beautiful thing to be able to do this but she knows her limits. She is looking forward to better serving her clients and the interior design community through coaching and mentoring
  • [28:48] We know it’s not going to be easy but it’s worth it. Lesley knows her boundaries and she knows that “no” to Designers Getting Coffee means “yes” to conversation, connection, and relationships – all of which are extremely important to us
  • [34:13] For Kate, her work at Designer Oasis is what gives her so much light and energy. From helping someone quit their 9-5 to pursue interior design or figuring out the financials behind running your business, she loves to help the interior design community as well through mentoring
  • [34:56] Kate is also launching a membership site. She wants to create a community where interior designers can get monthly access to lessons and ideas that can drive your business at whatever stage you are
  • [37:57] She will also be doing monthly live calls, workshops and classes on various topics. She would love to bring in guests experts from brands and companies to talk about their expertise 
  • [38:51] Above all, it will be a community of like-minded designers who help each other out, lift each other up and build confidence together
  • [39:37] Between what Lesley and Kate are providing, you guys will continue to be supported. There’ll be no shortage of knowledge shared and content published on a lot of different topics
  • [40:54] This is a major pivot but we are really glad we are able to share this with you and that we can still serve and connect with you. It might not look the same anymore without this podcast, but we are still here for you!
  • [41:21] We’re excited to end with a bang through our first ever live Q&A session. It will be a fun way to wrap things up, hear from you directly, and of course honor you as the listeners who have been here since the beginning
  • [41:57] As a reminder, that will happen Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 2:00PM EST at the Designers Getting Coffee Instagram (@designersgettingcoffee). See you there!
  • [43:47] We hope that you understand where we’re coming from. If you have any comments or any thoughts, you’re always welcome to send us an email through hello@designersgettingcoffee.com. You can also reach us individually at kate@katebendewald.com and lesley@lesleymyrick.com 
  • [44:48] For our listeners, I want you to think of your own life, whether personal or at work, and think – is there something that’s been dragging you down? A time commitment, a client or a personal relationship that just doesn’t make sense anymore?
  • [45:22] If this encouraged you at all, we encourage you to think of the next steps you can take on how you can say “no” or transition out of this and make space for other things

Let’s Stay in touch!

Lesley Myrick

Kate Bendewald – Designer’s Oasis

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