Episode 41 – What We’ve Learned During Quarantine

These past few months of social distancing, sheltering in place, and living through the Coronavirus crisis have challenged us all (to say the least!). We’ve both learned important lessons during quarantine about life, motherhood, and business.

Here’s a real, raw look at the hard lessons we’ve learned, and how we’re finding the beauty in this new season.

Episode 41 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

  • [6:50] All of us, no matter where you are, are experiencing and going through challenging times because of this pandemic,  but there’s something very unifying and grounding about that
  • [8:09] If you feel like there aren’t any lessons to be learned, give yourself some time and grace to process everything first
  • [11:56] Kate learned that sometimes you just have to get away from your everyday routine and places to force yourself to have quiet time to think about things that are important to you
  • [13:38] We’re all still making sense of things and it’ll take a while. Not knowing how long it will last is the hardest part
  • [16:21] Taking a step back, letting the blessings in your life sink in and the gratitude well up inside will give you the perspective to get through the bad days
  • [18:16] There’s this balance of trying to remind yourself how good you have it but also being gracious with yourself by allowing yourself to grieve and process your emotions
  • [19:19] It’s okay to have this “and” — to be happy AND sad, to be grateful AND conflicted
  • [20:57] We need less than we think. This applies to our personal lives but in business too
  • [22:01] If you come up with an idea, have a space where you can write it down and let it sit there for a bit. Don’t jump on things the moment they occur to you because you will get overwhelmed
  • [24:38] Cutting expenses and running your business as lean as possible can be challenging but liberating 
  • [25:00] Take a good look at your financials and start removing expenses that we can get by without during this time, such as memberships to coworking spaces. This can also force you to be creative and resourceful
  • [29:32] Some of your best ideas can come during your quiet time. Be intentional with giving yourself long-term, sustained quiet time
  • [31:57] This doesn’t necessarily mean sitting down in silence with your laptop. It can be going for walks and just being in nature
  • [35:30] Use your time well but also make the time. Those little things around the house or the office that are bothering you? Get to it and deal with it already! It shouldn’t take quarantine 
  • [43:54] Take a look at your work patterns. Some can get a lot done in small chunks of time if they stay focused, while others might need longer stretches of time to maximize productivity
  • [45:18] You don’t need a full-time schedule to produce full-time work
  • [45:59] The act of writing down and organizing your tasks can help you find the right priorities
  • [46:41] If everything feels equally important, you will get frazzled and overwhelmed. A little bit of perspective will go a long way
  • [49:21] When applying for loans, don’t get discouraged if you get denied at one bank but keep trying with different institutions 


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