Episode 29: How to Reach Out to Potential Clients

You knowwwww they’re out there! But how do you reach out to potential clients and turn them into paying clients? Kate and Lesley are sharing some great – and not so great – things you can do to connect with potential clients.

Episode 29 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

  • [4:53] The beginning of a new year is a really good time to start reaching out to people and to start new projects because summers tend to be hard due to travels and changes in schedules
  • [5:14] If you can start bigger projects right around this time then you’re well-positioned to get through all the phases from design to construction and possibly finish before the summer starts
  • [6:03] Pain points are fresh in clients’ minds after the holidays having just entertained friends and family
  • [7:38] A nice way to reach out to clients during this time of the year is to send a New Year’s card – just to say hi and to remind them that you’re around
  • [7:56] It’s also a great idea to send it during the New Year’s since people are usually inundated with cards, gifts, and parties around Christmas time that everything gets forgotten
  • [8:46] Another way to reach out is to write an engaging blog post or Instagram post that reminds clients that this is the best time of the year to tackle projects 
  • [10:48] Keep track of all past clients or people who have expressed interest so you can continuously revisit this list
  • [11:21] You can use an extension like Boomerang for Gmail to return emails to you when a client expresses commitment for a later date
  • [12:46] Look into reaching out to people who have just had a major life events or changes such as moving, upsizing/downsizing their house, marriage, divorce, a newborn, empty nest since they can be the trigger for starting a new project
  • [15:00] Email marketing is a great way to cultivate an audience who is interested in what you are doing and have engaged with you in any capacity  
  • [16:04] One way to utilize your email list is to add tags for how each person got on the list or for how you met them to send them personalized and targeted emails
  • [21:18] There’s ways to show what you do and demonstrate your expertise through original content that are not just sales pitches – for example by sharing a cool vendor you just discovered, a recent paint color you’ve used, or a useful marketing tip
  • [21:28] If you are not much of a blogger, you can still put together original content that’s maybe more bite-sized information through email 
  • [21:44] Video is great for this too. You can do a 5-minute Facebook live that you can also share on Youtube and embed on your email and you’ll reach even more people
  • [22:34] There’s lots of ways to leverage content and use a small bit of information to reach out to potential clients in a whole bunch of different channels
  • [22:48] Think of recurring questions you get all the time to generate useful content that people will find helpful
  • [24:31] Another way to reach out would be to offer a promotion – but not a discount! – to add even more value to your services
  • [25:13] For example, you can add a substantial bonus or a freebie with your 2-hour in-home consultation 
  • [28:50] Look into what you already have available or use all the time and consider repackaging/simplifying it to offer as freebies for promotions
  • [29:32] You can also create an offer with a limitation or timeline to it. For example, promoting that you only have a few available spots for certain services you offer
  • [32:10] With this tactic though, the scarcity needs to be real because otherwise people can sense that there’s something off
  • [35:20] If you have reached out to someone in the past and maybe your services were beyond their reach financially, try reframing it to make it more approachable for them
  • [37:05] A no from a potential client doesn’t necessarily mean no. It means it was the wrong time, the wrong package, or the value wasn’t there for them
  • [37:40] Do not bombard your clients with the nitty gritty details of the design process – focus instead on the outcomes and results
  • [39:14] Even though we are discussing these tactics in the context of the new year, these are all strategies you should regularly use throughout the year
  • [40:14] A good starting point would be to set aside time every week to email 5 clients/leads and start making offers
  • [41:49] If throwing a party as a networking event isn’t your thing, here are some other fun ideas: go to your local bowling alley, get your nails done, book cooking classes
  • [42:22] These are all great ideas if you don’t want to spend your budget on print marketing or advertising – there’s tons of options with varying price ranges
  • [42:51] Reaching out to leads after a while can be scary but, just like anything that’s uncomfortable in business, you just have to do it and it will become easier and more natural with time
  • [43:00] It might be hard to put yourself out there and get rejected or ignored but you shouldn’t take it personally and start thinking less about yourself and more about your clients’ pain points

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