Episode 28: Design Trends We Love…And Trends We Wish Would Die Already

Episode 28 Show Notes

Key Takeaways:

  • [4:49] Design is subjective – there is no right or wrong! Everyone gets to have their own opinion, use trends that they love, and find clients that like their style 
  • [37:46] We all have our own spin and our own aesthetic and that’s what makes each of us great designers. We can take trends and cultivate a look that’s really going to resonate with certain clients
  • [38:03] It’s our job as designers to pay attention to what’s happening in culture, travel, and all over the world outside our own little bubbles in order to stay on top of trends 

Kate’s Love List

  • [3:58] Scallop tiles – Zellige tiles has been pretty popular in 2019 as well
  • [6:36] Moody, dark rooms – dark ink-y greens, dark chocolate browns
  • [7:17] Curved backsplashes – bringing the countertop material up 8-12 inches or even all the way up to your stone material
  • [8:11] Exotic stones – such as onyx, more exotic varieties of marble
  • [12:52] Mixed metals – (also on Lesley’s!) looks so much more lived in and authentic as opposed to having all metals match perfectly in one room 
  • [15:38] Oversized fine art photography – doing fun, quirky layouts as opposed to predictable ones 
  • [24:00] Super matte or high gloss finishes 
  • [24:22] Curvilinear furniture
  • [24:30] Kitchens that minimize their “kitchen-ness” – kitchens in general that don’t have a super industrial feel to them
  • [26:10] Copper tubs

Kate’s Die List

  • [6:33 / 26:40] Super white walls – it’s okay for functional purposes but not in a living space 
  • [9:26] Porcelain tile that’s made to look like concrete tile – if you don’t have the budget for concrete tile, find something else, don’t try to knock it off
  • [18:07] Billions of pictures of your kids on the wall – just a personal preference, candid photos tend to look better on display than posed photos
  • [27:21] Subway tiles – beveled subway tiles are better, more natural finishes, playing with the proportions and arrangement 
  • [29:45] Minimalism – more is more
  • [32:05] Cool grays and brass on everything
  • [32:15] Shag rugs 
  • [32:39] Overuse of tassels – I would prefer embroidered tape and edges
  • [34:42] Accent walls – don’t paint or wallpaper a single wall if you can’t do the whole room
  • [35:12] Shibori -the process of making shibori is super interesting but it’s a bit overdone and overused

Lesley’s Love List

  • [4:12] Mini hex tiles – could probably last longer trend-wise than larger hex tiles 
  • [6:05] Dark navy walls – such a nice change from all the beige and white everywhere
  • [8:00] Marble – in terms of decorative accents, lamps, lighting 
  • [9:15] Concrete tiles – I love the color, patterns, and the patina it gets
  • [11:16] Bold, colorful wallpaper – it doesn’t work in every room but it can be really beautiful and fun to bring some pattern to walls 
  • [14:29] Industrial furniture – the mix of iron, wood, and glass, brings a kind of rustic, badass look to a space
  • [22:53] Jewel-toned sofa upholstery – deep rich tones like teal, rust, hunter green

Lesley’s Die List

  • [26:58] Macrame – gives a 70s vibe, just not my thing
  • [28:51] Cactuses and pineapples – over them as a decor motif 
  • [30:25] Jungalow vibe – having like 70 plants in a room looks too cluttered
  • [31:25] Script art with cute sayings – I would just like something with a bit more personality
  • [33:50] Faux shiplap – you are not fooling anybody when your house was built in 2005, it doesn’t belong there! It only looks cool and interesting if it’s authentic shiplap

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